“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I - I took the road less travelled by, and that has made all the difference.” Robert Frost   The Road Not Taken    Contact:    ithappens4@yahoo.co.uk A few years ago a group of contemporary textile artists based in the North East of  England collaborated to form the group, It Happens.  All four members have a  background in traditional quilt making.  Three members work mainly in 2D format  and the fourth member creates art figures.  Since its formation the group has had great success with their exhibition  INFLUENCES.  This was showcased in five galleries in the North East area.  The  last exhibition of INFLUENCES was exhibited at Killhope, The North of England  Lead Mining Museum.  Anne Tuck, Chris Dixon, Gillian Arkley and Rose Stanley,  the four textile artists are acutely aware of the rich tradition of patchwork and  quilting in which this area is steeped.  Therefore, it was fitting that the last  exhibition of this collection should be in an area that is famous for traditional  wholecloth quilts.  Their new collection HEAVY METAL, is presented at the Festival of Quilts,  Birmingham, UK, in August 2012.  This exhibition draws on lead mining, Harley  Davidsons, electricity pylons, sword making, ship building, Heavy Metal bands and  steel making, for inspiration.  The imagination and creativity of the group is  apparent in this exciting and diverse approach to the subject matter.  Following the  Festival of Quilts presentation, the exhibition will be showcased in galleries in the  North East of England from 2013.   To purchase any items that are for sale in the Galleries please contact the artist via. the email address.